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  • Why Exercise is Good For Your Beard
  • Post author
    Casey McKenna

Why Exercise is Good For Your Beard

Why Exercise is Good For Your Beard

We know what you’re thinking.. How can getting my beard soaked in sweat and grime possibly be helping it? Well, give us a chance to explain. Ultimately, we all know that exercise is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy lifestyle comes healthy skin and hair. Therefore, adding a bit of exercise to your life can help stimulate beard growth and keep you looking good.

Effects of Exercise

Exercise has many benefits that can have an affect on your body, mind, hair and skin. Let’s start with your skin. When you workout, you’re hopefully working out hard enough to break a serious sweat. Sweating allows your pores to clear out grime and dead skin that may be clogging them up. You’ll also be sweating out any toxins that may be within your body, such as alcohol. Healthy skin is going to help you and your beard look fresh, ensuring that there’s nothing nasty going on underneath that mane.

Trying to improve upon hair growth? Getting your blood flowing through exercise is going to help improve circulation, which is going to stimulate your hair follicles. Additionally, choosing an exercise like resistance training is going to increase your testosterone production. Higher levels of testosterone are directly linked with stronger facial hair growth. Now this doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be pumping iron all day everyday to see these benefits. Resistance training can include rock climbing, kickboxing, and other exercises that simply use body weight.

Another big benefit of exercise is its effect on the mind. Exercise makes people happy. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which provide us with positive thoughts and reduced feeling of pain. Exercise also makes changes to the parts of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety, helping to alleviate these feelings. Typically, when we’re happier and less stressed, we take better care of ourselves. Meaning, we’re more likely to actually shower regularly, apply beard oil daily, and get enough sleep at night.  

So How Do You Get Started?

Obviously, not everyone is comfortable or confident enough to run out, join a gym, and begin pumping iron. If you’re someone who hasn’t exercised since your P.E. days, most likely you’re going to find out you’re more out of shape than you expected. No big deal! It happens to all of us. This is a big reason why you have to find a form of exercise that you enjoy, so that you actually stick with it. Sometimes this takes time and means you’ll be trying out many different things before something really sticks.

Start slow. Simply take daily walks around your neighborhood, or make it a jog if you’re feeling ambitious. Take a hike with your buds or your pet to really get your blood pumping. Check out some gyms close to you, most offer free day or week long passes for you to try them all out.

Don’t Forget to Care For Your Beard

Now that you’re exercising more and ramping up how often you sweat. You need to make sure you’re taking proper care of your beard. Start by exfoliating your beard a bit more often and brush with a boar’s hair bristle brush like this one. Brushing with boar’s hair is going to help keep your beard clean of grime and dirt. Keep it clean. With all of the sweat that’s hopefully being built up in your beard, you need to make sure you’re washing it all out. If you’re washing with a regular shampoo, be sure to apply your favorite beard oil afterwards to help keep your beard moisturized.

  • Post author
    Casey McKenna

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