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5 Awesome Holiday Season Bearded Gifts That Every Man Should Have

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5 Awesome Holiday Season Bearded Gifts That Every Man Should Have

The holidays are upon us, which means many of us are frantically rushing to get our loved ones’ gifts in order.  Many of us struggle each year when it comes to figuring out what our friends and family members would most appreciate as gifts. And, it seems that we have a harder time choosing gifts for men than for women.

The good news is that if you have a friend or family member who proudly rocks a beard (or wants to grow one), choosing a gift is simple.  At The Bearded Bastard, we’ve got a wide selection of luxurious beard care goods that any guy would be pleased to unwrap.  Whether that bearded guy in your life rocks the short and neat look or boasts a robust, burly beard, The Bearded Bastard has all of your shopping needs covered.

Holiday Season Gift #5: TBB Beard Brush

Any guy who has a decently long beard needs a beard brush, plain and simple.  The right beard brush carefully and evenly disperses those natural oils that protect each strand, while gently undoing knots and creating volume.  

However, not all beard brushes are created equally, with some being more resilient, long-lasting and carefully constructed than others. Luckily, our TBB Beard Brush can satisfy every beard-related need. For one thing, the natural boar bristles are gentle on facial hair, and they feel luxurious as they run across those strands and skin. Additionally, the wooden handle makes this brush aesthetically pleasing, catching the eye amongst all of those other stocking stuffers.

Holiday Season Gift #4: Brass Knuckle Beard & Body Wash

Any bearded guy knows that having the right cleansing product is key to maintaining healthy-looking facial hair. He also knows that the best cleansers are free of harsh filler ingredients, and bursting with plant-based oils and extracts that naturally strip away dirt and grease, leaving behind a gorgeously soft and happy beard. Our Brass Knuckle Beard & Body Wash does just that, being loaded with exceptional ingredients like coconut oil, rosemary extract and rosehip essential oil.

Brass Knuckle Beard & Body Wash boasts our famous Woodsman fragrance that comes from a variety of natural essential oils, and many describe this scent as masculine and outdoorsy. It’s great for any guy who desires only the best natural products for his daily beard care routine.

Holiday Season Gift #3: Woodsman Beard Oil

Woodsman is our top-selling fragrance, and for good reason.  Like we said earlier, it’s got that masculine, outdoorsy scent that makes guys feel like they’re outside chopping wood, rather than sitting in the office, counting the hours until they can go home. Our Woodsman Beard Oil allows bearded guys to enjoy this intoxicating aroma all day long while giving their beard the critical moisture that it needs to be as healthy as can be.

Our Woodsman Beard Oil is loaded with plant-derived oils that deeply moisturize each strand, leaving the beard soft, tamed and manageable.  Additionally, these oils naturally contain nutrients that facial hair needs in order to maintain optimal health. Simply put, this product is a gamechanger that will take the appearance and feel of a guy’s beard to a level they never thought was possible, making it a must-have on your holiday shopping list.

Woodsmen Beard Oil arrives in a glass dropper bottle that has beautiful imagery on the label, meaning that it looks as pleasing as it feels once it’s been applied to your facial hair.

Holiday Season #2: Ho, Ho, Ho! Beard Balm

If you want to give your friend or family member the gift of a luscious beard while keeping up the theme of the season, our Ho, Ho, Ho! Beard Balm is the way to go. Beard balms are a staple of any bearded guy’s daily routine as they help style, smooth and hydrate the facial hair. This beard balm is made with a plant-based formula rich in nutrients that nourish the beard on a deep level.

To call this fragrance wonderful would be an understatement. It’s guaranteed to bring back wonderful holiday memories thanks to its intoxicating notes of fir trees and spiced wine. Each time your friend or family member applies this beard balm to his facial hair, he’ll be boosting its health while grinning from ear to ear as the aroma slowly fills his mind with images of holidays past.

This beard balm comes in a beautiful metal tub with an engraved wooden top.  It’s simple to use and most of our tins come with easy to follow instructions.

Holiday Season #1: Morocco Mustache Wax

If there’s one highly underrated product in the world of beard care, it’s mustache wax.  Mustache wax is very helpful for any guy who wants his mustache to look its very best at all times.  It’s formulated in a way that’s different from other products made for facial hair, as it deals specifically with the hair that’s above the lip. If you know a guy who rocks a mustache, our Morocco Mustache Wax will be a godsend.

This mustache wax contains a blend of plant butter and plant oils that deeply hydrate every strand while helping to tame those flyaways and calm down frizz.  It’s specially formulated to help a guy create a whole new style with his mustache, but it will also improve the health of his mustache as well.

And, we didn’t even get into the fragrance yet. Our Morocco fragrance is nothing short of magical, boasting notes of vanilla, raisins, coffee, cloves, and peppermint. Each time he applies this mustache wax, he’ll feel like he’s being swept away into an exotic land where endless possibilities await!

Seasons Bearded Greetings Everyone!

At The Bearded Bastard, we’re proud of our selection of exceptional beard care products, ranging from high-end, reliable beard grooming tools to naturally formulated, highly effective oils and balms.  If you’re looking for that perfect gift for your bearded loved ones, look through the selection of products that we have to offer. We’re certain that you’ll find the ideal gift for that certain someone!

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