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Vetiver Cologne Sample

The Bearded Bastard

Vetiver Cologne Sample


"Solid well made sent. Earthy, spicy and not overwhelming. Perfect." - Ryan T.


Vetiver is like that old cherished leather jacket your Pops handed down to you. Feelings of nostalgia washing over you every time you put it on. Subtle hints of lime and bay rum from his favorite aftershave. A touch of wood and worn in leather bringing back memories of spending time in the study connected to his shop. And of course, a strong vetiver note, deep and pleasing, like the old cologne he always used to wear. No matter where you are, when you put on that jacket… life just seems better.


  • 5ml glass spray bottle
  • Laser-etched cherry label
  • Made by hand in Austin, TX

May contain allergens. Test in a small area before use.

How To Use Cologne

Spray onto pulse points at the wrists and neck. Do not rub wrists together. Instead, lightly dab the wrists against each other or the neck to release the notes.