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What Type of Goatee Do You Wanna Grow?

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What Type of Goatee Do You Wanna Grow?

It’s not really fair to say that goatees are back in style, because they were never out of style in the first place. Sure, it seems like these days, full, luscious beards are hogging all of the attention, but the truth is that the goatee is a timeless and universally flattering look that practically any man can achieve, regardless of his hair type of his face shape. And, best of all, they’re very easy to maintain.

But, before you go and set your sights on having a stylish goatee, you have to know that there are actually several different types of goatees to choose from.  It’s up to you to decide which one will look most flattering on you. But we’re gonna help you by breaking down each unique goatee style so that you can get a better idea of what you’d like to try out.

Having a Goatee is Never a Bad Idea

Before we break down the most popular types of goatees, we’re going to try to convince you that a goatee is always a good idea.  There are quite a few factors that make this facial hair style a great choice for any man.

It’s Low-Maintenance

Compared to long, full beards, goatees are low maintenance while still being capable of enhancing your personal style. Because there’s less hair to work with, you don’t need to spend as much time brushing, combing and applying product. The most important thing is that you keep that goatee clean and moisturized, and that you stay on top of your grooming sessions, to maintain your goatee's optimal shape and length.

Universally Flattering

Goatees look good on almost every man. That’s just a fact. Whether you have a round face or a thin one, a goatee will take your personal style to a whole new level. That’s because it’s just the right amount of facial hair to make you look more mature and refined, without totally covering half of your face.

Great for Men with Thinner or Patchier Facial Hair

Goatees are great for guys who can’t seem to grow a thick, full beard no matter how hard they try. Many men experience patchier, slower and thinner growth, which can be very frustrating. But, goatees can look just as good as beards, and they’re much more attainable to men who struggle to experience even and thick growth.

Different Goatee Styles from Which You Can Choose

Now, let’s break down the main goatee styles so that you can choose which one you’d like to emulate.

Landing Strip (Soul Patch)

The landing strip is undoubtedly the easiest type of goatee to grow and maintain. Sometimes known as a soul patch, it’s a simple strip of hair that just covers the length of the chin. Really, that’s it. All that you have to do is shave around it regularly. You don’t even really need to comb it as it’s so short.

True Goatee

The true goatee is the original goatee, and it’s been around for centuries. A real goatee doesn’t have a mustache. It’s just a small beard on the chin, and the jaws are shaved. It’s about an inch or two wider than a landing strip, which creates a fuller appearance.

Full Goatee

A full goatee is a true goatee with the addition of a mustache. This creates a circular effect as only the chin and the top of the lip are covered in hair, and the rest is shaved.  This is a great option for men who yearn to grow a full, thick beard, but just can’t for whatever reason. It gives off a very similar effect, only without requiring that you grow thick hair all over your face.

Rock That Goatee Your Way

Having a goatee is a great way to enjoy rocking an attractive facial hair style without having to put all of the time and effort into growing and maintaining a full beard. This guide will help you decide which type of goatee you’d like to try. Then, it’s up to you to maintain it with regular trimming and shaping sessions in addition to the best-quality products to leave your facial hair looking and feeling its best.

If you are having trouble deciding which products are best for your facial hair style, our beard quiz can help point you in the right direction!

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