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The Bearded Bastard is moving to Houston

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The Bearded Bastard is moving to Houston

We are happy to announce that The Bearded Bastard is now part of the (newly formed) family at Sensible Cosmetics Co.

In September of 2020, TBB founder Jeremiah Newton, approached the team at O'Douds about potentially combining their knowledge and resources in a way that would allow both brands to coexist under the same roof but operate as separate entities. Jeremiah felt that he needed to be released from the demands of running a growing business in order to enter a new phase of his life, but didn’t want the TBB brand or community to dissolve as a result of his personal creative journey. Jeremiah decided that the fine folks at O’Douds were the best group of people to take TBB forward and care for this community of bastards. The years of friendship and collaboration between TBB and O’Douds have made this decision and subsequent transition as easy as you could imagine.

In order to facilitate the distinct nature and needs of each brand, the team at O’Douds decided to form the parent company, Sensible Cosmetics Co., to house both brands and provide support to other creative projects and prospective endeavors.

As of today, the team at Sensible Cosmetics Co. is comprised of people from The Bearded Bastard, O’Douds, and a couple of newbies. We are a diverse and quirky group, but we all share one thing in common — we love creating and promoting products that use the best and most beneficial ingredients we can find.

Our best days are ahead of us. We hope all of you bastards will join us on our journey forward.


Q: OK, but what about my favorite scent/product, will that change?

A: Hell, no. Sensible Cosmetics worked closely with Jeremiah during the transition to ensure that we could continue to make the fine products you know and love. 

Q: I love collecting The Bearded Bastard’s scents, will you continue to release new scents?

A: YES!  We have plans to continue to re-release the annual scents you’ve come to expect every year and we will also be releasing all new scents that reflect the Spirit of The Bastard. We *may* even be putting together a special Oil Of The Month club so you get first dibs on all the limited releases. Also, it’s important to point out that Jeremiah had a team, several of the scents that were released last Fall were made by team members (scents like Aegean Sea and Vetiver, Good & True, and Vetiver & Thorns).

Q: I don’t have a question, I just don’t like change and I don’t like this. 

A: Well, we have a response anyways! We all know change is a part of life, we’re devoted to continuing The Bearded Bastard’s commitment to high-quality, highly scented products for your grooming needs. The only changes we are making are that each team member is going to get to do more of the stuff they’re good at and less juggling of other tasks, which translates to a better experience for you.

Q: What about Jeremiah, we’re did he go?

A: If you’ve been on TBB’s socials any over the last 1-2 years, you’ve probably heard Jeremiah talking about taking a sabbatical. As a creative individual, he felt it was time for a seismic shift in his life and has known the O’Douds folks for a long time. Jeremiah approached O’Douds because he trusted them to take care of The Bearded Bastard community and knew that team had the nose and know how to take the company forward. Jeremiah is taking time to ground and reconnect with creativity, you can follow along @newtonsphoto on IG, although last we heard social media was a part of this break. 

Q: So what about this sale?

A: We’re moving production down to Sensible Cosmetics location in Houston and celebrating our last week in Austin with a SALE as a thank you to all you loyal Bastards. Get 10% off the entire store now through NOON 3/12/21.  We will officially shut down shipping out of Austin on Friday at noon and pick back up on Monday out of Houston. 

We welcome feedback, questions, words of encouragement and constructive criticism - email us at and share your thoughts. 


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