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Early Riser Beard Balm Is coming MARCH 1ST!

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Early Riser Beard Balm Is coming MARCH 1ST!

The release of Early Riser Beard Balm is a highly anticipated release, and we at The Bearded Bastard can not wait! Early Riser Beard Oil was such a success, and so many of you Bastards asked for it in a balm. We always try to listen, so March 1st is the day it will be available!

 Early Riser has arrived as our first scent of 2018! This limited edition scent was created by Jay Newton, The Bearded Bastard's Sweet Brown Haired Pappy.

This scent will have you conquering the day from the moment you put it on until you the moment you lay your head back down on your pillow! This is a scent for ambitious Bastards ready to seize the day!

We asked Jay what this oil smells like and here is what he said!

"The scent alludes to early morning coffee, pancakes, butter and maple syrup, it came from my time backpacking in Wyoming waking up in the morning to that scent"

This heavenly breakfast scent will have you jumping out of bed and CRUSHING whatever task is in front of you. This scent is truly about setting yourself up to win each and every day!

To make sure you're one of the first to get your hands on Early Riser Beard Balm use this link to sign up! 

                                      >>> Click Here To Sign Up <<<

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