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Best-Scented Beard Balms and Beard Oils that Women Will Love

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Best-Scented Beard Balms and Beard Oils that Women Will Love

When choosing the right beard care products, you have to take a lot of important things into consideration. You have to make sure that your products work with your unique facial hair type, and that they’re formulated with the best natural ingredients.  But, there’s another very important factor that’s often overlooked, and it’s the fragrance of the product.

As it turns out, the way that your beard smells is almost as important as the way that it looks if you’re trying to impress a woman. And, let’s be real – most of us wear fragrances in the first place in order to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Women care a great deal about the scent that a man is giving off, as it can tell her a lot about what kind of guys she’s dealing with in terms of his personality and what makes him unique. This is why it’s important to consider the scent of a beard product just as much as the ingredients from which it was formulated.

Best-Scented Products at the Bearded Bastard

The good news is that The Bearded Bastard offers a wide array of scents that we use in our beard care products. Therefore, no matter what your personality and preferences are, you’ll find a beard care product that’s ideal for making women fall in love with the scent that you’re giving off.

Tangerine Dream Beard Balm

Tangerine Dream Beard Balm is a sweet and zesty fragrance that smells so delicious, you’ll want to eat it right out of the jar (which we do not advise).  Women absolutely adore the strong notes of citrusy tangerine that are balanced out by warm, creamy vanilla. It’s almost like a dessert, and it will make you smell positively intoxicating. The beard balm itself is great for taming frizz and giving your facial hair a nice boost in terms of its style and tidiness.

Woodsman Beard Balm

For the ultimate masculine fragrance, there’s Woodsman Beard Balm. This is one of our top-selling scents, and for good reason. As the name implies, it has a woodsy aroma that makes you smell like you’ve been in the woodshop all day. It also has some hints of spice that add an intriguing aroma to the beard balm, allowing you to maintain an air of mystery as you go about your day.

This beard balm formula is all-natural, and besides helping you smell great, it will keep your beard in check thanks to its ability to combat frizz and messy strands while supplying lots and lots of much-needed moisture.

Morocco Beard Balm

If you’re trying to give off an exotic air, our Morocco Beard Balm is the way to go. This fragrance is absolutely outstanding in its luxurious complexity and nuance. Notes of Madagascar vanilla create warmth and richness, while cloves and peppermint intrigue the senses. Robust coffee and precious resins top things off, ensuring that your aroma captivates those around you. If that wasn’t enough, this all-natural formula consists of a variety of unique plant oils and butter that give your facial hair loads of moisture while keeping it tame all day long.

Early Riser Beard Oil

Early Riser Beard Oil is a tantalizing aroma that is hard to resist. That’s because it offers a strong maple syrup smell that brings up images of enjoying a hearty breakfast in a log cabin. Rather than being cloyingly sweet, this fragrance is balanced out with warm coffee and woodsy notes that ensure a nice air of masculinity. And, this beard oil is exceptional for giving your beard the moisture that it so desperately needs.

Vetiver Beard Oil

Vetiver Beard Oil is excellent for guys who love natural aromatics, as vetiver is an essential oil that’s spicy, herbaceous, and alluring. No one will be able to exactly pin down what that fragrance is, which will add to your mysterious vibe that makes you only all the more attractive. This beard oil is so nourishing that your facial hair will feel softer and look healthier with each application.

Opium Den Beard Oil  

Opium Den Beard Oil is our most exotic offering for guys who are into that kind of vibe. Spicy cloves, rich coffee, warm vanilla, enticing resins, and dark tobacco work together to make you smell absolutely divine. And, better yet, this beard oil will leave your facial hair looking as glossy and healthy as can be.

Impress a Woman with One of These Scented Beard Products 

These six beard care products have been women-approved thanks to their intoxicating scents that are natural rather than overpowering. Whichever beard care product you choose, make sure that you are careful not to overwhelm the fragrance with other scents that you wear on your body.  And, don’t be afraid to buy multiple beard care scents in order to switch things up from time to time.

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