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  • Top 10 Products Every Bastard Needs
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Top 10 Products Every Bastard Needs

As a Bastard, we know that having a great looking beard is important to you. We wanted to offer up a list of ten dope products that every bastard should have in his dopp kit or just lying around his bathroom. Be sure to comment any of your favorite products that we may have missed!


  1. A Boar Hair Brush

A good beard brush with boar hair bristles is a must have for any dedicated beardsman. The soft, but tough, bristles of the brush allow you to train your beard over time. Brushing your beard is going to be an easy way to exfoliate your skin deep within your beard and lift any unwanted skin flakes and debris that builds up over time. The brush will also help distribute any beard oil that you used will even improve circulation of the skin as you gently massage the skin by brushing.


  1. Comb

In addition to the beard brush, a beard/mustache comb is another essential item. Many beardsmen may associate combs with their mustache, but beard combs are a thing as well. Combs have many benefits, including helping to minimize ingrown hairs, keeping your mouth clear of unwanted hairs, and distributing any oils or balms you may have applied to your beard. Combs can be an easy item to add to your routine, as they come in so many shapes and sizes. Find a pocket sized comb such as this one and you’ll be ready to tackle beard grooming on the go!

  1. A Hair Dryer

A shockingly small number of men own hair dryers.. If this is you, you’re sleeping on the benefits! If you’re someone who struggles to tame your beard, a hair dryer can be a life changing tool. Applying heat to your beard via a hair dryer while you style is going to help get those unruly hairs into place. Even flipping to the cool setting once you have your desired style will help lock it into place.

  1. Trimming Scissors

A solid pair of trimming scissors (aka shears) is a great tool to have on hand for trimming any split ends or flyaway hairs from your beard. These are also the perfect tool for men who are just starting the beard growth process and won’t find themselves needing a full-size trimmer for a while. Also the ideal tool for trimming mustache hairs that may be getting dangerously close to your food hole.

  1. Clippers / Beard Trimmer

Now that you’re ready to graduate from simple trimming shears, it’s time to pick the ideal clippers or beard trimmer. If you’re looking to trim your beard once it’s past your ideal length, or simply shave your sideburns down a bit, clippers are the best tool for the job. Check out our previous blog post here to pick the best beard trimmer for the job.


  1. A Solid Razor

Every man owns a razor (we hope). There comes a time when a boy becomes a man and he makes the decision to step it up from his drug store razor days to something much more sharp. Check out this Double Edged Safety Razor available on our site as a great starting point. Make sure to grab a bottle of shave oil too to take even better care of that great looking face.

  1. Top of The Line Face Washing Tool

Keeping your skin clean and healthy beneath a thick and full beard can be a tough task at times. Many bastards tend to neglect keeping a clean face, which can lead to a whole list of issues. In order to make the task a bit easier on you, there are super cool tools out there, such as this Clarisonic Alpha Fit cleansing brush that is designed specifically with bearded men in mind. It’s a bit pricey, but it seems to yield great results and it’ll leave you stress free and squeaky clean.  

  1. Beard Oil

This one is a no-brainer. Every bastard knows that in order to keep a healthy beard both in looks and feel, you’ll need to employ a beard oil. Beard oil has many benefits including softening of your beard, locking in moisture, help in taming unruly hairs, and keeping you smelling great all day long. The ultimate choice you have to make is what scent you prefer!

  1. Beard Balm

Beard balm is another no brainer for the bastards who rock medium to longer beard lengths. Beard balm has similar moisturizing effects as beard oil, but it gives you more hold and allows you have more styling capabilities.

  1. Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is the perfect tool for a bastard looking to up his mustache game. Similar to beard balm, mustache wax allows you to style your facial hair to your liking while also helping your hair to lock in moisture, keeping it healthy while adding a stronger style hold.

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