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  • Ranking the Best Game of Thrones Bearded Characters of All-Time
  • Jeremiah Newton

Ranking the Best Game of Thrones Bearded Characters of All-Time

Ranking the Best Game of Thrones Bearded Characters of All-Time

Game of Thrones is just about to close, which means that there is never been a better time to examine our favorite characters like never before. And, today, we’ll be talking about those characters’ beards. That’s because these bearded characters are unique in that their facial hair truly captures the unique qualities of their personalities.

  1. Jaime Lannister

Jamie Lannister’s character is one of the most complex of all, with his notoriously quick temper yet soft and sensitive side that allows him to experience legitimate remorse. His beard perfectly captures the essence of his personality beautifully, being thick and full yet non-threatening enough. And, don’t forget that if it weren’t for that beard, he’d probably still be getting confused for his sister.

Jamie’s blonde beard wonderfully complements his long, flowing hair that only further captures the duality of his personality. Keep in mind that his physical appearance has been heavily discussed by other characters several times in the past, and that’s largely thanks to the style of the hair both on his head and face.

Want to rock a similar look? You’re in luck as there’s not much to Jaime’s beard. Of course, for the complete look, you’ll want to grow your hair out like his. Then, let your beard grow in fully before keeping it nice and trim.

  1. Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo is one of the most savage characters of all, and his beard reflects that characterization perfectly. With sharp, harsh angles and lines, his beard is a work of art, and it most certainly makes a statement. Everything about this guy is intimidating, and his facial hair is no exception.

Khal’s beard is perhaps the most memorable one in the entire show, simply because it’s styled in a way that’s completely bizarre in our modern culture. I mean, who in today’s world has the time to devote that much attention to their beard?

Still, if you want to give this look a try, we commend you. First, know that your hair has to be naturally thick for you to be able to pull it off. You also have to allow it time to grow before you can start shaping it the way that he does. It’s probably best to see a professional beard stylist so that they can nail those intricate angles. And, remember that rocking that ponytail will help you complete this look.

  1. Tormund Giantsbane

Few warriors have accomplished as much on the show as Tormund Giantsbane, a robust and fierce character who, despite his intimidating nature, is actually incredibly loyal, not to mention always down for a good time. Tormund’s look really can’t be understated as his physical appearance has aided his character in a number of ways. We don’t feel it’s coincidental that his hair and beard allow him to resemble a lion.

When it comes to Tormund’s beard, few things on the show are more glorious. His billowing red locks extend far beyond his chin and seem to extend into his hair, much like the majestic mane of a lion. Tormund’s beard is so thick and full that many watchers of the show are extremely envious whenever he enters a scene.

If you’re lucky enough to have thick red hair, you can probably pull off Tormund’s beard. Of course, in order to get the look right, you have to pay careful attention to the hair on your head as well. It’s all about that streamlined look that produces a mane-like appearance.

  1. Eddard Stark

Ned Stark’s beard was a thing of true beauty, and we miss it almost as much as we miss the character himself. His glorious beard seemed to add to his fatherly persona, and it gave him an air of royalty and maturity that added to the major traits of his characterization. What enhanced the look of his beard was his long, flowing hair that showed off his more sensitive and compassionate side.

It seems like it’s been ages since we saw his character, but his legacy continues to live on as the show wraps up its many storylines. So, in that sense, Ned is still with us as we watch these final episodes. If you want to pay tribute to him, you’re in luck. His beard can work with a wide variety of hair types because it’s not particularly thick or full. It simply requires regular trimming and patience while it grows out to the proper length.

  1. Jon Snow

How can we not have Jon Snow at the top of the list? Jon Snow’s beard is the perfect example of a production team that understands how physical traits can enhance the personality of a character. Snow’s short, shaped beard really captures his personality perfectly. Rather than growing out a long, robust beard in order to show his dominance, he’s kept things neat and clean because he’s not nearly as vicious as many of his peers.

Want to copy the look? Almost any man can pull off this beard. It’s all about shaping it correctly and staying on top of those trimming sessions. And, don’t forget to take good care of your skin!

Rule the Bearded Kingdom!

These bearded Game of Thrones characters show us how the facial hairstyle that you choose to wear can show the world unique sides of your personality. All of these looks can be emulated if you want to embrace your inner G.O.T. character.

Who has your favorite beard in G.O.T.? What is your top 5? Let us know on Instagram!

Image Credit to HBO.com

  • Jeremiah Newton

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