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  • Aligning the Neckline with One's Beard
  • Jeremiah Newton

Aligning the Neckline with One's Beard

Aligning the Neckline with One's Beard

So many men take enormous care to maintain a healthy, well-maintained beard while completely overlooking their neckline.  The fact of the matter is that the way in which we maintain our neckline can make or break our overall appearance.  A neglected neckline can give a beard a messy, sad appearance, regardless of how much beard oil we use and how well we shape our facial hair.

When it comes to shaving the neckline, there’s really no “one size fits all” approach.  But there are some ways to easily determine how best to take care of this crucial part of your facial hair.  

Consider the Length of Your Beard

The length of your beard has a lot to do with where your neckline should end.  As a rule of thumb, men who keep their beards trimmed very close to their face should have a shorter neckline.  If your beard is longer, allow the neckline to grow out a bit longer so that it looks more natural. With a long beard, an abrupt, short neckline will look unbalanced.

Find Your Natural Neckline

Every man has a natural neckline.  It starts at the top of the jaw, below the ears, and ends where the chest hair begins.  Find your natural neckline and use it to determine where you should shave your neckline so that it looks most natural.  

Take Your Hairstyle into Account

If you’re rocking a short haircut, you definitely want to keep your neckline short as well.  Otherwise, you’ll look unkempt rather than neat and tidy. On the flipside, if you wear your hair long, your neckline can be a bit longer as well.  This will help balance out the overall appearance.

To Fade or Not to Fade

Some men decide that they want to fade their neckline, while others enjoy a fairly abrupt end.  Ultimately, whether or not you fade your neckline is up to you. A fade can look more natural, but if you’re going for a more structured, stylized beard style, an abrupt end can enhance the look and make it look more geometric.  

Tips for Maintaining Your Neckline

These two pointers are important when trying to do it the right way:

Tip#1: Your Neckline Deserves as Much Attention as Your Beard

Keep in mind that your neckline has a large effect on the overall appearance of your beard.  Therefore, make sure that you pay attention to it just like the rest of your facial hair. When you trim your beard, trim your neckline.  When you moisturize and cleanse your beard, do the same for the neckline.

Tip #2: Take Care of the Skin on Your Neck

The skin on the neck is particularly prone to dryness as it doesn’t produce as much sebum as the skin on your face.  Sebum is the oil that’s secreted from the pores in order to keep the skin nice and hydrated. The neck can become very irritated if you shave it regularly.  That’s why it’s crucial that you use hydrating products like beard oils daily. This will keep the skin nice and healthy while preventing ingrown hairs that are caused by irritated, inflamed skin.

Bottom Line…Keep it Maintained

As you can see, there’s really no right or wrong way to maintain your neckline as part of your beard care routine. However, it’s important to maintain it regularly if you want to enhance the appearance of your beard and your overall style.

  • Jeremiah Newton

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