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  • 5 Reasons That Ingredients Matter In Beard Care Products
  • Jeremiah Newton

5 Reasons That Ingredients Matter In Beard Care Products

5 Reasons That Ingredients Matter In Beard Care Products

The next time you go to purchase a new product that’s formulated for your beard, look at the list of ingredients on the back of the package before you buy it.  The beard care industry is massive these days, meaning that there are more products on the market than ever before.  Between beard balms, oils, soaps and styling products, men have a tremendous amount of options when choosing the right products for their daily routine.

The problem is that with such a massive industry, there are many products out there that are actually quite harmful to your beard and skin.  So many companies try to save a few bucks by using cheap filler ingredients that can leave you with lackluster facial hair and an irritated complexion.  That’s why reading the ingredients is crucial. 

As you’ll see, there are a number of reasons why the ingredients matter.

Reason #1: Your Hair Follicles and Cuticles are More Sensitive Than You Think

Your beard is exposed to a whole lot of factors throughout the day.  From dry wind to hard water, your hair follicles and strands take a serious beating on a daily basis.  That’s because our hair is actually extremely sensitive.  After all, think about how common it is for our beards to develop split ends, dry out and frizz. 

Sensitive hair follicles and cuticles require a lot of moisture.  It’s the moisture that keeps them protected against harsh external factors that can cause serious damage.  The problem is that a lot of ingredients that are used in popular beard care products actually strip away moisture.  Ingredients like sulfates latch onto the oils that your beard naturally produces before removing them from each facial hair. 

Reason #2: Your Skin Is Highly Prone to Irritation

Those beard care products aren’t just bad for your beard.  They are bad for your skin as well.  And, like your beard, your skin is pretty sensitive.  Think about how easy it is for the skin beneath your beard to get irritated on a particularly hot or cold day. 

Your skin requires ingredients that have soothing properties so that it doesn’t get irritated and inflamed.  After all, once your skin gets irritated, it becomes itchy, dry and flaky, and who wants that? 

Reason #3: Beard Dandruff is a Real Thing

Because skin is so prone to irritation, it can begin flaking if it’s not getting the hydration and nourishment that it needs.  This means that your beard can develop dandruff which can be quite unsightly to say the least.  If you’re using products containing cheap, harsh ingredients, you’re at serious risk of developing this embarrassing condition.

It’s crucial that you choose beard care products that can fight irritation rather than cause it.  Look for ingredients that are plant-based and known for their moisturizing properties.  This will calm your skin and keep it nice and hydrated so that it doesn’t end up flaking in the form of unwanted dandruff.

Reason #4: Those Synthetic Fragrances Can Be Quite Overpowering

Many beard care companies use synthetic petroleum-based fragrances so that the products smell nice.  The problem is that most synthetic fragrances are a bit overpowering, meaning that you might be giving off a scent that’s quite unpleasant to those around you. 

We suggest going with natural products that are scented by essential oils.  These plant-derived essential oils don’t overwhelm the nose and rarely conflict with any other fragrances that you’re wearing.

Reason #5: In Order for Your Beard to Grow, It Needs the Right Nutrients

If you’re trying to grow out your beard, using cheap products can sabotage your efforts.  In order for those strands to grow, they require nourishment from plant-based oils that are high in nutrients.  And, your beard definitely won’t grow if you’re using ingredients that dry out those strands.

Bottom Line, Ingredients Matter!

As you can see, the ingredients that you’re putting on your beard can either aid in its growth and enhance its appearance or cause serious, irreversible damage.  That’s why looking at the ingredients lists is an essential practice.  Luckily, at The Bearded Bastard, you’ll see that all of the ingredients that we use are extremely beneficial to your facial hair and skin.


  • Jeremiah Newton

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